Delight (2013)

Chief : Gareth Jones

Stranded inside a foreign Welsh village, a past fight photographer's powerful friendliness problem also a younger woman propels her into exorcising the ghosts of her past.

Categories : Drama, Romance

Zone : UK

Runtime(Theater) : 105 min more...

Brothers of War (2015)

Chief : Mike Carter

With the universe on the edge of WWII, a radical rivalry more than the identical man tears two brothers apart. Seeking redemption, the younger male relative escapes to the front stanzas of battle.

Categories : Drama, War

Zone : UK | Germany

Runtime(Theater) : 120 min more...

En apatía (2014)

Chief : Joel Arellanes Duran

Young Marcus has been supplied an agnostic education, a legacy of hatred in addition to at this time swims inside a survival of plethora …

Categories : Drama

Zone : Spain

Runtime(Theater) : 82 min more...

The Infinite Man (2014)

Chief : Hugh Sullivan

A man's seeks to craft the crucial romantic weekend backfire while his rummage around given that virtue traps his spouse inside an boundless loop.

Categories : Comedy

Zone : Australia

Runtime(Theater) : 85 min more...

Asia (2013)

Chief : Mohamed Bakir

Behind every offense is a story.

Categories : Action, Crime, Drama

Zone : Egypt

Runtime(Theater) : 90 min more...

Ponmaalai Pozhudhu (2013)

Chief : Durai

Categories : Romance

Zone : India

Runtime(Theater) : 90 min more...

Arrange to Settle (2014)

Chief : Ishu Krishna

Arrange to Settle is a aspect motion picture as characteristics to an Indian damsel that decides to get fit of an configured nuptial forthcoming a set of failed relationships…

Categories : Drama

Zone : USA

Runtime(Theater) : 90 min more...

Spaghetti Story (2013)

Chief : Ciro De Caro

Four Italian youthful grownups looking to rework their lives. The come upon also Mei Mei, a youthful Chinese prostitute, shines a hit the truth: the profit of one's autonomy is, beyond all, an internal job.

Categories : Comedy

Zone : Italy

Runtime(Theater) : 82 min more...

#Starvecrow (2016)

Chief : James Carver

A Twisted Love Story. #STARVECROW is the yarn of Ben furthermore Jess. Ben is a control-freak, charmer, abuser furthermore warped invention of the digital age…

Categories : Drama, Thriller

Zone : UK | Italy

Runtime(Theater) : 89 min more...

Aasma (2015)

Chief : Sudipto Sen

At the summit of the exquisiteness of the Himalayas sits the Kashmir valley, one among the various stunningly picturesque locales on earth…

Categories : Thriller

Zone : India

Runtime(Theater) : 105 min more...