Grief (2015/I)

Chief : Kevin R. Phipps

"GRIEF" follows the living furthermore abruptly kicking of the bucket of Kari, a fragile honors student, who decides that suicide is the barely mannerism out…

Categories : Drama

Zone : USA

Runtime(Theater) : 90 min more...

Knife to a Gunfight (2013)

Chief : Tom Proctor

Joely McCullough is terrified. She reflection her relief Abbey can often engagement there since her, intellectual capacity in addition to accepting in addition to sniggering to the end…

Categories : Thriller

Zone : USA

Runtime(Theater) : USA:90 min more...

Chambers Gate (2014)

Chief : no info found

Jules Akola, a lately appointed government official claims to halt going up underground thoroughfare crime, namely…

Categories : Crime

Zone : Canada

Runtime(Theater) : 81 min more...

Dug Up (2013/I)

Chief : Dustin Rikert

Categories : Comedy, Horror

Zone : USA

Runtime(Theater) : 84 min more...

After School Massacre (2014)

Chief : Jared Masters

After someone fired, a costly species educator act on a killing spree, stalking his previous woman folk students at their nap party.

Categories : Comedy, Horror

Zone : USA

Runtime(Theater) : 73 min more...

The Final 4 (2013)

Chief : Rainer Cvillink

A spouses of acting make stiffs kidnap the youngster of San Francisco's some dread gangster barely to resolve that the father doesn't yearn him back.

Categories : Comedy, Crime, Thriller

Zone : USA

Runtime(Theater) : 86 min more...

Why I Did (Not) Eat My Father (2015)

Chief : Jamel Debbouze

Categories : Animation

Zone : France | Italy | Belgium | China

Runtime(Theater) : 95 min more...

Anohana the Movie: The Flower We Saw That Day (2013)

Chief : Tatsuyuki Nagai

A boy has hallucinations concerning a missy who gave conscious the ghost inside an accident.

Categories : Animation

Zone : Japan

Runtime(Theater) : 99 min more...

Love Pyar Whatever (2015)

Chief : Carlos M. Mora

A little South-Asian Indian student travels to the U.S. in the hunt for his lone specific attachment or in any case the gal of the moment…

Categories : Comedy, Drama, Musical

Zone : USA

Runtime(Theater) : 90 min more...

Broken Glass (2013)

Chief : Daniel R. Chavez

A dramatic thriller that revolves as characteristics to a off colour person who must separate done his mind's computer graphics inside apply to free the conundrum of his past.

Categories : Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Zone : USA

Runtime(Theater) : 96 min more...