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The Nun (2013)

Director : Guillaume Nicloux
Genres : Drama
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Pauline Etienne, Isabelle Huppert, Louise Bourgoin, Martina Gedeck, mère de Suzanne, Françoise Lebrun, Agathe Bonitzer, Alice de Lencquesaing, Gilles Cohen, Marc Barbé, François Négret, Lou Castel, Nicolas Jouhet, Pascal Bongard, Pierre Nisse, Fabrizio Rongione, Garance Clavel, Jean-Yves Dupuis
Company : Les Films du Worso
Country : France | Germany | Belgium
Run Time : 114 min more...

Crackerjack (2013)

Director : Bryan Coley
Southern boy, Bo “Crackerjack” Bailey, struggles to steer his Church League softball side to a competition title.
Genres : Comedy
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Wes Murphy, Bethany Anne Lind, L. Warren Young, Aaron Beelner, Phillip DeVona, Rick Dial, Rob Bouton, Austin McFarlane, Joshua Mikel, Noah Gross, Dowd Keith, Lanny Donoho, Lynne Ashe, Cookie Hagins, Jeff Foxworthy, Sophia Watson, Brian Bascle, Kennedy Brice, Carlos Davis, Robert Bryce Milburn
Company : Art more...

The Frozen (2012)

Director : Andrew Hyatt
After a threatening snowmobile accident, a small twosome is stranded inside the woods also must continue to exist moment setback for the grounds that collaborate with to arrive…
Genres : Horror, Thriller
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Seth David Mitchell, Brit Morgan, Noah Segan
Company : Fox Hill Productions
Country : USA more...

Thadayara Thakka (2012)

Director : Magizh Thirumeni
A youthful mature woman received blamed since a don’s murder that he has not devoted plus is lower than chase.
Genres : Action
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Arun Vijay, Mamta Mohandas, Rahul Preet Singh, Vamsi Krishna, Maha Gandhi, Arul Das, Debi Dutta
Company : Feather Touch Entertainment
Country : India
Run Time : 128 min more...

The Casting (2013)

When ten smart actresses get there given that the audition of a lifetime, they promptly understand this is no run of the mill casting call. Trapped inside an forlorn factory, they are pitted opposition self inside a ruthless tourney of existence plus death.
Genres : Horror, Thriller
Release Date : 2012
Company : Imedi Films
Country : Georgia more...

Veer! (2012)

Director : Patrick Barry
Jesse Sorensen undergone it everything – a lucrative skateboarding contract, girls, popularity plus an dogmatic lifestyle…
Genres : Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sport
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Jesse Gay, Erin Cline, James Nguyen, Corsica Wilson, Bryan Carson, Jesse Whitaker, Ellen Trent, Laura Morey, Josephina Abbs, Trevor Abbs, Scott Adams, Patrick Allison, Brandy Allport, Janine Anzalone, Jen Arnstein, Brooke Bezick
Company : DieNasty Skateboards

Fly Away (2012)

Director : Bernd Böhlich
Genres : Comedy
Release Date : 2012
Cast :
Otto Sander, Angelica Domröse, Ralf Wolter, Marion Van de Kamp, Us Conradi, Monika Lennartz, Herbert Feuerstein, Anna Maria Mühe, Barbara Morawiecz, Tilo Prückner, Robert Stadlober, Stephan Grossmann, Gabriela Maria Schmeide, Steffi Kühnert, Herbert Köfer, Thomas Nash
Company : MAFILM Martens Film- und Fernsehproduktions GmbH
Country : Germany
Run Time : 93 min more...

The Zombinator (2012)

Director : Sergio Myers
A construct blogger documentary turns into a Zombie panic nightmare once Youngstown Ohio college students forge in the flesh along furthermore the undead…
Genres : Horror
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Patrick Kilpatrick, Joseph Aviel, Lucia Brizzi, Justin Brown, Diana Lotus, Jennifer Sulkowski, Scott Alin, Travis Bratten, Melvin Breedlove, Maria Desimone, Joanne Tombo, Michael Angelletta, Mike Canner, Maria Capezzuto, Michael Capezzuto, John Catheline, Francesco Durastante, Eric more...

Liar Game: Reborn (2012)

Director : Hiroaki Matsuyama
Genres : Drama
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Shôta Matsuda, Mikako Tabe, Hirofumi Arai, Mana Ashida, Makiko Esumi, Eiichirô Funakoshi, Mari Hamada, Shihô Harumi, Tetsuhiro Ikeda, Jun Kaname, Yôsuke Kawamura, Eiko Koike, Ken Maeda, Maho Nonami, Takurô Ohno, Ryô Ryûsei, Yoko Saito, Kazuma Suzuki, Kosuke Suzuki, George Takahashi, Ikkei Watanabe
Company : Akita Television
Country : Japan more...

Mind’s Eye (2013/I)

Director : Mark Steven Grove
A sci-fi/thriller centered on a overpriced breed violinist who witnesses the fall aside of shelter along with time.
Genres : Sci-Fi, Thriller
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Malcolm McDowell, Dean Cain, Darla Rae, Natalie Distler, Aaron Perilo, Jesse Kove, Izzie Steele, Kristin Keating, Kevin Sean Ryan, Lucine Fyelon, Andrew Trainor, Migina Tsai, David William Murray Fisher, Phoenix Diller, Charlie Lowrey, Laura Baukol, Linda Swanson Brown, Isaiah McGregory, Kristina Brunner