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Doctor Ray and the Devils (2012)

Director : Dinko Tucakovic
Genres : Biography, Comedy, Drama
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Paul Leonard Murray, Dragan Bjelogrlic, Bojan Dimitrijevic, Lena Bogdanovic, Pavle Pekic, Marko Gvero, Ana Sofrenovic, Miodrag Krstovic, Jana Milic, Tihomir Stanic, Gordon Murray, Milena Predic, Svetozar Cvetkovic, Ivana Popovic, Lazar Stojanovic, Stevan Petrovic, Miodrag Certic, Greg De Cuir, Marko Jocic, Kosta Bunusevac
Company : Viktorija Film
Country : Serbia | Montenegro more...

The Road Killer (2013)

Director : Jon Craig
A town is petrified by a succession of ferocious lighted on furthermore runs.
Genres : Drama, Horror, Thriller
Release Date : 2013
Cast : Jack Holtz, Maria Olsen, Paul Garrett, Kevin Eugene Davis, Jordan Eisenberger, Michael Belveduto, Gabriel Bellotti, Carmela Mataloni, DeeDee Bigelow, Tabetha Ray, Nancy Lynn McDonald, Jason Ufema, Isaac Williams, Natalie Kapustik, Sara Aftewicz
Company : Jon Craig Films
Country : USA more...

Walesa (2013)

Director : Andrzej Wajda
The picture of the vitality of Nobel Peace Prize champion as at any rate as founder of Poland’s Solidarity movement, Lech Walesa, for time inside the 1970s usher to a serene revolution.
Genres : Biography, Drama
Release Date : 2013
Cast : Robert Wieckiewicz, Agnieszka Grochowska, Iwona Bielska, Zbigniew Zamachowski, Maria Rosaria Omaggio, Ewa Kolasinska, Miroslaw Baka, dyrektor stoczni, Michal Czernecki, Remigiusz Jankowski
Company : Akson Studio

Les papas du dimanche (2012)

Director : Louis Becker
Genres : Comedy, Drama
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Thierry Neuvic, Hélène Fillières, Olivier Baroux, Marilyne Canto, Nina Rodriguez, Nicolas Rompteaux, Arauna Bernheim-Dennery, Thierry Lhermitte, Sandra Becker, Renan Carteaux, Thomas Blanchet, Amandine Chauveau, Elodie Frenck, Nicolas Guillot, Julie Meunier, Pascal Simon, le 2e père Noël russe, Emmanuel Vieilly
Company : ICE3
Country : France
Run Time : 86 min more...

Sweet Old World (2012)

Director : David Zeiger
Sweet Old World is energize by my inner most documentary film, The Band (PBS episodes P.O.V., 1998), in…
Genres : Drama
Release Date : 2012
Cast : John Nielsen, Jacques Colimon, Gwendolyn Oliver, Eric Peter-Kaiser, Julia Rose, Max Adler, A. Russell Andrews, Jonathan Naritoku, Joe Ochman, Micah Tayloe Owens, Blake Reed, Melissa Strom, Fanny Veliz
Company : Displaced Films
Country : USA more...

Las voces (2012)

Director : Pablo Torre
Lying on her deathbed, Ema dialogue to her granddaughter with statement to her grandfather. This re-awakes the notice of Clara…
Genres : Drama, Romance, Thriller
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Alejandro Awada, Ana Celentano, Jean Pierre Noher, Maria Socas
Country : Argentina
Run Time : 93 min more...

Almost 18 (2012)

Director : Maarit Lalli
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Henrik Mäki-Tanila, Karim Al-Rifai, Anton Thompson Coon, Ben Thompson Coon, Arttu Lähteenmäki, Mari Perankoski, Jussi Anttonen, Juha Hippi, Turkka Mastomäki, Esko Roine, Kimmo Sirén
Company : Huh huh -Filmi Oy
Country : Finland
Run Time : 110 min more...

Nobody Can Cool (2013)

Director : Dpyx
An troubled evening in the focal point of strangers turns shocking as a juvenile duo on a weekend getaway by accident butt in on a criminal couple’s hideout.
Genres : Thriller
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Catherine Annette, Nick Principe, Nikki Bohm, David Atlas, Haris Mahic, Matan Grunseit
Company : Nobody
Country : USA more...

Morocco (2013)

Director : Caroline Link
Troubled little adolescent Ben inadvertently confronts his father Heinrich (Tukur), a unbeaten German theatre director staging a fiddle inside Marrakesh…
Genres : Drama
Release Date : 2013
Cast : Samuel Schneider, Ulrich Tukur, Hafsia Herzi, Josef Bierbichler, Marie-Lou Sellem, Abdesslam Bouhssini, Amine El Bnouhi, Stefanie Höner, Ronja Jerabek, Clara-Marie Pazzini, Tom Radisch, Sophie Rois, Goetz Schulte, Paul Triller, Mourad Zaoui
Company : Desert Flower more...

Mithivedi (2012)

Director : Anand Maiyur Srinivas
A Tamil man finds herself caught up in addition to the Army in the midst of a minefield in addition to her adolescent child. The Government forces are persuaded she behave since the rebels. Can she encourage one another differently along with come up out of the minefield alive?
Genres : Drama, Thriller, War
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Daniel Balaji, Neelima Rani
Company : Mystic Films
Country : India | Australia
Run Time : 86 more...