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White Dwarf (2013)

Director : Ryan Fox
Genres : Drama
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Gregory Thomas, Anil Raman, Heather Ankeny, Brock Kelly, Ethan Russell, Carlos Miranda, Ryan Rottman, Kirsty Mitchell, Julie Mond, Tanner Beard, Amanda Sherman, Logan McNeil, Ramsey Krull
Company : GuRider Productions
Country : USA more...

Staying Alive (2012)

Director : Anant Mahadevan
Genres : Drama
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Khan Jahangir Khan, Anant Mahadevan, Navni Parihar, Chandan Sanyal, Ranjana Sasan, Saurabh Shukla, Sanjay Swaraj
Company : Shemaroo Entertainment
Country : India more...

Roundabout American (2012)

Director : Boris Wexler
A youthful French chef as well as a warmth because America along with a living inside shambles pushes the points in time of the American…
Genres : Comedy
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Édouard Giard, Patrick Zielinski, Marielle de Rocca-Serra, Torey Adkins, Howie Johnson, Rom Barkhordar, Mary Jo Faraci, Michael Gellman, Kathleen Lawlor, Claire ‘Fluff’ Llewellyn
Company : Escape Films
Country : USA
Run Time : 90 min more...

Damaged (2012/II)

Director : Maha Wilson
A devastated, contravened listing are required to live less than the identical roof subsequent to their mama commits suicide.
Genres : Action, Drama, Thriller
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Michael Paxton Ward, Nicholas Burton, Meg MacIntosh, Amanda Jermyn, Matthew Clarke, Nikki Waterhouse, Kiera Horner, Imogen Howe, Brenton Prince, Megan Socal, Helena Telford, Jessica Vumbaca
Company : Mike Ward Productions
Country : Australia
Run Time : 97 more...

Greyscale (2013)

Director : Ryan Dunlap
Genres : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Ryan Dunlap, Marisa Draeger, Tim Russ, Doug Jones, Brian Shoop, Anthony Tyler Quinn, Steve Tommey, Doug Bauer, Mary Neff, Aaron Kruse, Joseph Cincotti, Samuel Cluck, Lyndon Dees, Clinton Engles, James Farr, Marc Hall, Brittany Joyner, Mark Ogle, Jackie Richard
Company : Daros Films
Country : USA
Run Time : USA:105 min more...

Roadside Massacre (2012)

Director : Scott Kirkpatrick
Five youngsters war as their lives following becoming stranded inside a cannibal infested lot town.
Genres : Horror
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Marina Resa, Elio Mardini, Dusty Probert, Matthew Schiltz, Fragino M. Arola, Summer Lima, Master Dave Johnson, Jordan Martin, Scott Seargeant, Christina L. Tellifson, Mark MacPherson, Nicole Margulis, Alexis Schneider, Jason James
Company : MKSK Global Media
Country : USA
Run Time : 83 min more...

A Christmas Tree Miracle (2013)

Director : J.W. Myers
A warm-hearted Christmas narrative to reminiscent us that inside the HOLY DAY season, the paramount gifts inside being alive are the trouble-free ones, in addition to that wonders do happen, if you believe.
Genres : Family
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Kevin Sizemore, Claudia Esposito, Terry Kiser, Jill Whelan, Barrett Carnahan, Emily Capehart, Siomha Kenney, Michael Guy Allen, John Williamson, Ethan Dobler, Brian Briggs, Sharyn Kmieciak
Company : Route 40 Films

The Aviation Cocktail (2012)

Director : David R. Higgins
For three WWII veterans, drive was zilch likened to the deepest battles they may perhaps facial expression be of lane to home.
Genres : Drama
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Michael Haskins, Brandon Eaton, Beau Kiger, Leah Lockhart, Connor L. Boyle, Katie Bevard, Mark Hanson, Lara Ann, Cade Adamson, Mekallyn Darae Bancroft, Morris C. Benson, Nakita Crothers, Zachary Dean, David R. Higgins
Company : Pilot’s Lounge
Country : USA more...

Tutto parla di te (2012)

Director : Alina Marazzi
Genres : Drama
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Charlotte Rampling, Elena Radonicich, Maria Grazia Mandruzzato, Valerio Binasco, Alice Torriani, Marta Lina Comerio, Emiliano Audisio, Eurydice El-Etr, Alice Lussiana Parente
Company : Mir Cinematografica
Country : Italy | Switzerland
Run Time : 83 min more...

Pollywogs (2013)

Director : T. Arthur Cottam, Karl Jacob
On the lowlifes of a bitter breakup, 30 each year archaic Dylan travels conjugal to Minnesota as a stamp reunion where he works into his formative years sweetheart…
Genres : Comedy, Drama
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Amee Banks, Persephonee Banks, Georgia Christianson, Larry Christianson, Matt Duffney, Alec Hendrickson, Brendan Hendrickson, Eric Hendrickson, Jeremy more...