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My Sweet Pepper Land (2013)

Director : Hiner Saleem
Baran, a Kurdish independence attempt hero, is at present sheriff inside Erbil, the funds city. No longer notion helpful inside this population at present at peace…
Genres : Drama
Release Date : 2013
Cast : Korkmaz Arslan, Golshifteh Farahani, Suat Usta, Mir Murad Bedirxan, Feyyaz Duman, Tarik Akreyî
Company : Agat Films & Cie
Country : France | Germany | Iraq
Run Time : 100 min more...

Rectoverso (2013)

Genres : Drama
Release Date : 2013
Cast : Asmirandah, Fauzi Baadila, Indra Birowo, Yama Carlos, Rangga Djoned, Dewi Irawan, Sophia Latjuba, Rima Melati, Prisia Nasution, Dwi Sasono, Rachel Maryam Sayidina, Acha Septriasa, Amanda Soekasah, Widyawati
Company : Keana Production
Country : Indonesia
Run Time : 110 min more...

For Those in Peril (2013)

Director : Paul Wright
Aaron, a small nonconformist alive inside a distant Scottish fishing community, is the unused survivor of a strange…
Genres : Drama
Release Date : 2013
Cast : George MacKay, Kate Dickie, Michael Smiley, Nichola Burley, Brian McCardie, Jordan Young, James Cunningham, Sharon MacKenzie, Dylan Bruce, Debbie Dorwood, Bridget O’Hare
Company : Warp X
Country : UK
Run Time : 92 min more...

All Is Bright (2013)

Director : Phil Morrison
While out on parole, Dennis reluctantly removes a post advertising Christmas foliage in addition to his aged cousin Rene inside apply to style ample change to procure his estranged female child the piano she’s continuously wanted.
Genres : Comedy, Drama
Release Date : 2013
Cast : Lil Rhee, Adam Phillips, Michael Drayer, Colman Domingo, Curtiss Cook, Colleen Werthmann, Joseph Cross, Duane Boutte, Pamela Stewart, Lola Freidenstine
Company : GreeneStreet more...

Youth (2013/I)

Director : Tom Shoval
Genres : Drama
Release Date : 2013
Cast : Eitan Cunio, David Cunio, Moshe Ivgy, Shirli Deshe, Gita Amely, Uri Hochman, Alexander Peleg, Noa Kooler, Gilad Kletter
Company : Green Productions
Country : Israel | Germany | France
Run Time : 107 min more...

The Strange Little Cat (2013)

Director : Ramon Zürcher
Siblings Karin in addition to Simon are visiting their parents in addition to their slight aunt Clara. That evening, variant extended family will engagement welding each other for the grounds that dinner…
Genres : Comedy, Drama, Family
Release Date : 2013
Cast : Leon Alan Beiersdorf, Matthias Dittmer, Lea Draeger, Monika Hetterle, Mia Kasalo, Gustav Körner, Armin Marewski, Kathleen Morgeneyer, Luk Pfaff, Jenny Schily, Anjorka Strechel
Company : Deutsche more...

The Way We Dance (2013)

Director : Adam Wong
Genres : Drama
Release Date : 2013
Cast : Singh Hartihan Bitto, Babyjohn Choi, Cheuk Leung, Janice Fan, Cherry Ngan, Lok Man Yeung
Company : Eyes Front Pictures
Country : Hong Kong
Run Time : 110 min more...