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Pop Redemption (2013)

Director : Martin Le Gall
Genres : Comedy, Music
Release Date : 2013
Cast : Julien Doré, Grégory Gadebois, Jonathan Cohen, Délia Espinat-Dief, Vincent Leenhardt, James Rowe, Philippe Vieux, Pascal Vannson, Trond-Erik Vassal, Mark Eacersall
Company : Avalon
Country : France
Run Time : 94 min more...

Eskil & Trinidad (2013)

Director : Stephan Apelgren
Genres : Drama, Family
Release Date : 2013
Cast : Jonas Inde, Douglas Johansson, Karl Zaff, David Zimmer, Magdalena Olofsson, Markus Sammeli
Company : Sonet Film AB
Country : Sweden
Run Time : 104 min more...

Left Right Left (2013)

Director : Arun Kumar
Interlinked anecdote of three masses with dissimilar perspectives on existence resulted as a end product of quarrel of decease inside their childhood.
Genres : Action, Crime, Drama, Family
Release Date : 2013
Cast : Baiju, Indrajith, Irshad, Sudheer Karamana, Dinesh Panicker, Poojappura Radhakrishnan, Sreejith Ravi, Ahamed Siddique, Suraaj Venjarammoodu
Country : India more...

&Me (2013)

Release Date : 14 March 2013
Genre : Romance
Country : Netherlands
Run Time : 88 min
Director : Norbert ter Hall
Stars : Mark Waschke, Verónica Echegui, Teun Luijkx
Storyline : Every month a strange ritual takes place in Brussels. The European Parliament moves to its Strasbourg seat in 15 enormous trucks. A week later everything is moved back again. The romantic comedy &ME takes place against the backdrop of this more...

Lost on Purpose (2013)

Our tale eliminates region inside the fertile, San Joaquin Valley. Fueled by gin also downright determination, Elizabeth James…
Genres : Drama
Release Date : 2013
Cast : Aaron Hill, Leon Russom, Tom Fugedi, David Baumgardner, Mark MacPherson, Marcello Palmieri, Refugio Ramirez, Gavin Sindher, Randy Tobin
Company : Derango Films
Country : USA more...

The Selfish Giant (2013)

Director : Clio Barnard
A present-day fable on the issue of two scrappy 13-year-old working-class friends inside the UK who look for future by being a participant in a local trash dealer as anyways as criminal, leading to fatal consequences.
Genres : Drama
Release Date : 2013
Cast : Conner Chapman, Shaun Thomas, Ralph Ineson, Lorraine Ashbourne, Mohammed Ali, Jamie Michie, Sofina-Rose Hussain, Joshua Foulds, Paul Chapman, Rob Snell, Garry Page, Daniel Crotty, Sam-Boy Sellars
Company : BFI more...

Return to Nuke ‘Em High Volume 1 (2013)

Director : Lloyd Kaufman
Return to the Class of Nuke ‘Em High follows a tender partners that are wakeful opposed to the section glee club…
Genres : Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi
Release Date : 2013
Cast : Catherine Corcoran, Clay von Carlowitz, Zac Amico, Mike Baez, Tara E. Miller, Jeff Lasky, Babette Bombshell, John Renna, Ashley A. Chris, Gabriela Fuhr, Debbie Rochon, Lisa Peterson, Louise Corbett, Lauren Sylvester, Collette Mclafferty, Zack Sokol, Judah Friedlander, Patrick Klouman, Ron Q. more...