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Fat Shaker (2013)

Director : Mohammad Shirvani

An instance of gradual knocking down of an urban monster

Genres : Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Levon Haftvan, Navid Mohammadzadeh, Maryam Palizban, Hassan Rostami Directed by Mohammad Shirvani    Mohammad Shirvani  screenplayMohammad Shirvani  writerProduced by Mohammad Shirvani as. producer  Cinematography by Mohammad Shirvani   Film Editing by Pouya Parsamagham  Mohammad Shirvani   Sound more...

Aborto (2013)

Director : Arindam Sil

Aborto is a flick which conversations close to the relentless rummage around of prominence inside specialist career, and…

Genres : Drama

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Barun Chanda as Shyamalendu Chatterjee , Abir Chatterjee as Hori Bose , Joya Ahsan as Charu Sen (as Jaya Ahsan) , Tota Roy Chowdhury as Shyamal Sen (as Tota Roychowdhury) , Reshmi Ghosh as Duli Mitra , Saswata Chatterjee as Runu Sanyal Abhishek Bagchi, Sambaran Banerjee as Himself, Putul Bhattacharya, more...

Revival (2013)

Director : Alice Nellis

Genres : Comedy, Music

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Bolek Polívka as Václav , Miroslav Krobot as Karel , Karel Hermánek as Milan , Marián Geisberg as Otakar , Zuzana Bydzovská as Yvonne , Vojtech Dyk as Vojta , Richard Genzer as Manager , Jenovéfa Boková as Miriam Tereza Brdecková as Reporter, Jirí Helekal as Guest on a funeral, Jana Hubinská as Libuska, Jan Maxián as Darkwerk band member, Jan Ponocný as Drummer, more...

Montage (2013)

Director : Jeong Geun-Seop

15 life ago, a mama engrossed her teenager inside a kidnapping case. A parallel offense happens another time along with she won't allow him go away this time.

Genres : Thriller

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Jeong-hwa Eom as Ha-kyeong, Hie-bong Jo as Detective Kang, Sang-kyung Kim as Cheong-ho, Young-chang Song as Han-cheol Directed by Jeong Geun-Seop    Jeong Geun-Seop Original Music by Ja wan Koo   Music Department Ja wan Koo as. composer: more...

Evil Woman (2013)

Director : Adrián Caetano

Genres : Crime, Thriller

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Florencia Raggi as Rosario 2 , Rafael Ferro as Rodrigo , Ana Celentano as María , Juana Viale as Angélica , Brenda Gandini as Rosario 4 , María Dupláa as Rosario 4 , Julián Krakov as Carlos Javier , Liz Solari as Rosario 1 , Arturo Goetz as Marido de Mónica , Daniel Valenzuela , Susana Pampin as Mónica , Laura Espínola , Rubén Noceda , Rogelio Gracia , Erasmo more...

Anina (2013)

Director : Alfredo Soderguit

A fantastical voyage into the planet of a ten-year-old missy who, (close) at hand a playground skirmish, is offered the most unearthly punishment inside the past of more odd punishments.

Genres : Animation, Adventure, Family

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Federica Lacaño as Anina , María Mendive as Madre de Anina , César Troncoso as Padre de Anina , Cristina Morán as Directora , Petru Valenski as Tota , Roberto Suárez as Pocha , Gimena more...

Ladies' Man: A Made Movie (2013)

Director : Ryan Shiraki

After a generation fixed inside the "friend zone", an unconventional college freshman enlists the aid of his mature babysitter, at the moment a campus sorority queen, to educate him how to change into the crucial ladies' man.

Genres : Comedy

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Ryan Guzman as Brett, Steffie Grote as Sorority Girl (as Stephanie Grote), Molly Burnett as Ashley Bloom, Andrew Duplessie as Ken, Raeden Greer as Sally, Jaylen Moore as Phil Palmer, Beau more...

Bula Quo! (2013)

Director : Stuart St. Paul

Status Quo witnesses a gang murder inside Fiji. They run off along furthermore necessary evidence; pass through they played their end gig?

Genres : Action, Adventure, Comedy

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Jon Lovitz as Wilson , Craig Fairbrass as Simon , Laura Aikman as Caroline , Francis Rossi as Francis , Rick Parfitt as Rick , Matt Kennard as Dave , Jean Heard as Reiko Best , Andrew Bown as Andy Ronnie Ali as Taxi Driver, Gerrard Barr as Boatyard Guard, Anna more...

Run & Jump (2013)

Director : Steph Green

An American medical examiner travels to Ireland to consideration the Casey sort succeeding 38-year-old Conor suffers a stroke which adapt his personality, dropping dynamo mate with mommy Vanetia to flow the show.

Genres : Drama

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Ciara Gallagher as Noni , Maxine Peake as Vanetia , Edward MacLiam as Conor , Will Forte as Ted , Ruth McCabe as Nora , Brendan Morris as Lenny , Sharon Horgan as Tara , Michael Harding as Paddy , Kelby Guilfoyle as more...

Code Name Oracle (2012)

Director : Max Bartoli

130 A.D. a personality of erotic age dies on the chapters of the Nile, initiating a cult which will adjust the countenance of civilization. Now an archaeologist with the superlative laptop computer hacker labor under stumbled onto a confidential that dominant forces will destroy to protect.

Genres : Action, Adventure

Release Date : 2013

Cast :

Company : MaXaM Productions

Country : USA | Italy

Run Time : USA:125 min (original more...