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Rölli ja kultainen avain (2013)

Director : Taavi Vartia

Genres : Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Musical

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Ville Haapasalo as Seppä, Mikko Leppilampi as Tirehtööri, Krista Kosonen as Laulunopettaja, Iina Kuustonen as Sähinä, Jarkko Niemi as Nuori Rölli, Alina Tomnikov as Milli Menninkäinen, Allan Tuppurainen as Rölli, Christian Ruotanen as Pikku-Rölli, Niko Kostet as Viittamies, Vincent Kinnunen as Sirkuskatsojat, Etel Röhr as Siamilaiset kissat, Olli more...

Philomena (2013)

Director : Stephen Frears

A world-weary opinionated writer picks unsleeping the narrative of a woman’s explore because her son, who was conveyed off from her years ago succeeding she became pregnant in addition to was required to live inside a convent.

Genres : Biography, Drama

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Judi Dench, Steve Coogan, Sophie Kennedy Clark, Mare Winningham, Barbara Jefford, Ruth McCabe

Company : Weinstein Company, The

Country : UK | USA | more...

Ghost Child (2013)

Director : Gilbert Chan

Struggling to draw near to language plus the loss of her mother, Kim unexpectedly has to influence an added mama inside her life…

Genres : Horror

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Ming Bridges as Shirley, Hanwei Chen as Choon, Elena Choo as Jane (as Evelyn Scarlet), Cecilia Heng as Grandmother, Vanessa Lee as Tiffany, Jonathan Lim as Internet Clairvoyant, Naomi Neo as Naomi, Russell Ong as Troy, Carmen Soo as Na, Vincent Tee as Lim, Jayley Woo as Kim Directed by Gilbert more...

Delirium (2013/III)

Director : Ihor Podolchak

A species asks a small psychiatrists to engagement their visitor furthermore glimpse following their father who's improved a suicidal mania as ropes furthermore knots. It is still fully likely that the emotional shape of the visitor is the bona fide induce as concern.

Genres : Drama, Thriller

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Volodymyr Khimyak as Guest , Lesya Voynevych as Mother , Petro Rybka as Father , Olha Horbach as Daughter , Olha Bakus as Maid , Ivan Kostenko more...

Faro (2013)

Director : Fredrik Edfeldt

The check are pursuing a porn woman sought after given that murder. If the person of porn age is arrested his female descendant will engagement located inside hike up care. To stay free of charge they get away into the wilderness. Faro refers to a Portuguese city that the father just the once visited.

Genres : Adventure, Drama

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Per Burell as Poliskollegan / The Police Colleague, Jakob Cedergren as Pappan / The Dad, Clara Christiansson as Hella, more...

Ciudadano Buelna (2013)

Director : Felipe Cazals

Genres : Drama, History

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Sebastián Zurita as Rafael Buelna , Marimar Vega as Luisa Sarria , Damián Alcázar as Lucio Blanco , Gustavo Sánchez Parra as Obregon , Jorge Zárate as Heriberto Frias , Tenoch Huerta as Zapata , Dagoberto Gama as Carrazco , Enoc Leaño as Villa , Bruno Bichir as Soto y Gama , Elizabeth Cervantes as Guera Carrazco , Paquita la del Barrio as Mesera , Andrés Montiel as Martín Luis more...

Min søsters børn i Afrika (2013)

Director : Martin Miehe-Renard

Genres : Adventure, Comedy, Family

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Peter Mygind as Erik Lund , Mathilde Høgh Kølben as Amalie , Sebastian Kronby as Jan , Lasse Guldberg Kamper as Michael , Frida Luna Roswall Mattson as Pusle , Rumle Riisom as Blop , Mille Dinesen as Irene Flinth Vicky Brooker as Dyrlæge, Ditte Hansen as Mor, Robert Hansen as Leif, Vibeke Hastrup as Parkleder, Thomas Levin as John, Troels Malling Thaarup as Far (as Troels Malling), Josef W. more...

Meridian Lines (2013)

Director : Venod Mitra

A displaced rule staff spark a succession of occasions that ship karmic contrast to seven entirely bothered strangers…

Genres : Drama

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Arjun Rampal as Atul Sippy , Irrfan Khan as Devraj , Konkona Sen Sharma as Pramilla , Raima Sen as Jyoti , Soha Ali Khan as Sameera , Abhay Deol as Vijay Sudipto Balav as Oshi, Raj Singh Chaudhary as Rajiv (as Raja Chaudhary), Sanjiv Chopra as Police Inspector, Subrat Dutta as Romeo, Bharat Ganeshpure as more...

Rising Star (2013)

Director : Marty Lang

An overworked assurance adjuster must elucidate between his profession also his sensation beyond he by chance meets his surf the net intimacy interest.

Genres : Comedy, Drama, Romance

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Gary Ploski as Chris , Emily Morse as Alyza , Michael Barra as Brent , Sari Gagnon as Jamie , Greg Nutcher as Boss , Luz Alexandra Ramos as Isabel , Eddie Duran as Alex , Gary Craig as Bus Driver Amalia Batista as Kyley, Mitch Burkowsky as Regional Manager, more...

The Carrington Event (2013)

Director : Rob Underhill

News of a colossal solar flare perform viral. Soon after, the current is out. Phone's dead. Water taps are dry. Radio is static. Days blow over plus no news, simply individuals realizing several crazy. A week later on the dispute since life has hitherto begun.

Genres : Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Rusty Martin Sr. as Joseph Carrington , Katie Garfield as Tracy Carrington , Christopher Marrone as Ben Kaplan , W. Scott Parker III as Ted Lyons more...