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Der blinde Fleck (2013)

Chief : Daniel Harrich

The right chronicle of a writer who investigates the backgrounds of the Oktoberfest anxiety defy of 1980.

Categories : Drama, History, Thriller

Zone : Germany

Runtime(Theater) : 99 min more...

Camp 139 (2013)

Chief : no info found

A medicine fueled camping touch off operates to hell whilst a militant killing appliance stalks four children done the wilderness…

Categories : Horror

Zone : USA

Runtime(Theater) : 78 min more...

Monster Killer (2013)

Chief : Edgar Michael Bravo

A 155-year-old slave fancy the Civil War occasion tries to live one more once a year toward immortality by seizing the living strength of bank killers he murders spilt second still evoking to destroy the solitary being he loves.

Categories : Drama, Sci-Fi

Zone : USA

Runtime(Theater) : 76 min more...

Home (2013)

Chief : Maximilian Hult

Lou on the whole keeps to herself, grandmother Frida grieves as her husband's death, Tom isn't fine at anything, plus Henrik for all time finds the precise work inside his second-hand bookshop.

Categories : Drama, Romance

Zone : Sweden | Iceland

Runtime(Theater) : 90 min more...

Parts of Disease (2013)

Chief : Solomon Tubbs-Foster

On a cross-country spark off to trip at web pages of US terrorism, four friends challenge correct stereotypes.

Categories : Action, Drama

Zone : USA

Runtime(Theater) : 90 min more...

Helium (2014/III)

Chief : Eché Janga

Criminal Frans Weeling realizes, subsequent to he has a uncovering on the island Texel, he is main one more link inside the sitcom of the full universe. This tips enlightens him, although similarly disagreements plus his outlook furthermore perspectives inside the underworld.

Categories : Drama

Zone : Netherlands

Runtime(Theater) : 79 min more...

Corpus Christi (2013)

Chief : César Bolívar

Categories : Drama

Zone : Venezuela

Runtime(Theater) : 90 min more...

The Paragon Cortex (2013)

Chief : John Kilker

After an misfortune unlocks a region of his head few folks labor under forever identified about, an agoraphobic attorney…

Categories : Drama, Sci-Fi

Zone : USA

Runtime(Theater) : 96 min more...

Noche de circo (2013)

Chief : Alan Nadal Piantini

Ten persons think self fixed inside a chamber inexplicably envisioned akin to a circus. Who are they, with why are they there? It's wide awake to self to confess.

Categories : Crime, Drama, Thriller

Zone : Dominican Republic

Runtime(Theater) : 90 min more...

Battle (2015/II)

Chief : John Jillard Sr.

The account begins along furthermore Johnny, a loving spouse with father. After behind his adolescent baby girl with his own parents inside a destructive motor vehicle crash…

Categories : Action

Zone : USA

Runtime(Theater) : USA:92 min (uncut version) more...