Immortals (2011)

Director : Tarsem Singh

Release Date : 2011

Genre : Action, Drama, Fantasy

Cast : Henry Cavill as Theseus, Mickey Rourke as King Hyperion, Stephen Dorff as Stavros, Freida Pinto as Phaedra, Luke Evans as Zeus, John Hurt as Old Man, Joseph Morgan as Lysander, Anne Day-Jones as Aethra, Greg Bryk as The Monk, Alan Van Sprang as Dareios, Peter Stebbings as Helios, Daniel Sharman as Aries, Isabel Lucas as Athena, Kellan Lutz as Poseidon, Steve Byers as Heracles, Stephen McHattie as Cassander, Matthew G. Taylor as Mondragon (King's Guard), Romano Orzari as Icarus, Corey Sevier as Apollo, Conrad Pla as The Jailer, Neil Napier as Beast Handler, Tyrone Benskin as Hoplite Captain, Abdul Ayoola as Kerkyon (Guard), Dylan Smith as Stephanos (as Dylan Scott Smith), Robert Naylor as Young Theseus, Mercedes Leggett as High Priestess #2, Kaniehtiio Horn as High Priestess #3, Ayisha Issa as High Priestess #4, Danny Blanco Hall as Archon, Robert Maillet as Minotaur, Alain Chanoine as Checkpoint Gatekeeper, Edward Yankie as Checkpoint Soldier, Gage Munroe as Elias, Aron Tomori as Young Lysander, Marcello Bezina as Village Father, Roc LaFortune as Hoplite General, Jade Larocque as Young Virgin #1, Charlie Duret as Young Virgin #2, Alisha Nagarsheth as Young Phaedra, Makayla Jayde McManus-Leggett as Young Priestess #2, Madison McAleer as Young Priestess #3, Zelia Mouana-Bankouezi as Young Priestess #4, André Kasper Kolstad as Little Boy, Tyler Hynes as Slave, Carlo Mestroni as Holy Man, Chantal Simard as Lysander's Mother, Brent Skagford as Hoplite Sentry, Jason Cavalier as Hoplite Soldier #1, Kevin Kelsall as Hoplite Soldier #2, Patrick Sabongui as Hoplite Soldier #3, Samuel Platel as Heraklion #1, Lise Sita as Villager #1, Francis LaFreniere as Villager #2, Shyrelle Yates as Village Child #1, John Churchill as Village Child #2, Austin Beauchamp as Village Child #3, Jimmy Duperval as Soldier Randy Herman as Hoplite Soldier, Emilie Paquet as Villager

Plot : Theseus is a mortal grown-up person chosen by Zeus to direct the wrangle opposition the ruthless King Hyperion, who is on a rampage across Greece to pay for a weapon that might exterminate humanity.

Run Time : USA:110 min

Country : USA

Company : Relativity Media