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Bharya Athra Pora (2013)

Chief : Aku Akbar

Satyanathen is a tutor at Vivekodayam school, Thrissur . His mate Priya is a course employee. They conduct a ecstatic subsistence together. Satyanathan has different friends along with he leads a a little slothful life.

Categories : Drama, Family

Zone : USA

Runtime(Theater) : Kuwait:150 min more...

Ships (2013)

Chief : Elif Refig

Ali, a apprehensive romantic in addition to Eda, a graffiti artist, kick off on a quixotic escapade prepared Turkey's industrial port-cities…

Categories : Adventure, Family, Romance

Zone : Turkey

Runtime(Theater) : 97 min more...

Birthday Cake (2013)

Chief : Chad Darnell

Feature dimension sequel to the multi award-winning curtest movie GROOM'S CAKE. A mockumentary in the air the…

Categories : Comedy, Family

Zone : USA

Runtime(Theater) : 85 min more...

Begin Again (2013/I)

Chief : no info found

12-yr-old Jessica Jones universe is shredded apart as soon as she is admitted out of her rude conjugal & positioned inside to Foster care. Jessica will grapple plus her past, present, & future. She will converge various tries along the way.

Categories : Drama, Family

Zone : USA

Runtime(Theater) : 68 min more...

The O'Briens (2013)

Chief : no info found

Two time succeeding the kicking of the bucket of his wife, an Irish Father summons domestic his two Sons & Daughter, inducing the full thing to contemplation the worst, nevertheless he is not the main one and only plus a secret…

Categories : Comedy, Family, Romance

Zone : Ireland | USA | UK

Runtime(Theater) : 84 min more...

9 Summers 10 Autumns (2013)

Chief : Ifa Isfansyah

A account of wish where the teenager of a displaced minibus driver inside Batu, the City of Apples inside East Java, Indonesia went on to develop into a multinational organization director inside New York, The Big Apple.

Categories : Biography, Drama, Family

Zone : Indonesia

Runtime(Theater) : 114 min | Indonesia:117 min more...

Dearly Departed (2013)

Chief : Darryl Anka

Dearly Departed is a missing documentary, scene because notwithstanding the camera was allowed into the animation real world to demeanor documentary-style polls along furthermore the spirits of frozen kinsmen to acquire their insights on living subsequent to death.

Categories : Comedy, Family

Zone : USA

Runtime(Theater) : 84 min more...

Black Noise (2013)

Chief : Behruz Afkhami

Taking district far more than the access of solitary day, an aged mature man wakes wakeful inside his household to find out his lady is missing…

Categories : Drama, Family, Mystery

Zone : Canada

Runtime(Theater) : 84 min more...

Puzzle (2013)

Chief : Andrei Zinca

A middle-aged gentleman bored to death also his marital relationship embarks on a torrid problem also a tropical tender artist, spilt second a blind, archaic person responsible defies the probability as at any rate as reconnects also the enduring warmth of his life

Categories : Drama, Family, Romance

Zone : Romania | USA

Runtime(Theater) : 90 min | Romania:93 min more...

Molly's Theory of Relativity (2013)

Chief : Jeff Lipsky

Set on Halloween, a adolescent astronomer who has all of a sudden misplaced her job, is poised to style conceivably the initially reckless pronouncement of her life.

Categories : Drama, Family

Zone : USA

Runtime(Theater) : 102 min more...