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Ghost Bride (2013)

Chief : David Blyth

Supernatural thriller take cool in New Zealand filmmaker David Blyth befalling the romance between Chinese immigrant Jason Chen plus Kiwi missy Skye…

Categories : Fantasy, Thriller

Zone : New Zealand

Runtime(Theater) : 83 min more...

The Garden of Sinners: Future Gospel (2013)

Chief : Tomonori Sudô

Categories : Animation, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance

Zone : Japan

Runtime(Theater) : 90 min more...

Kalpvriksh (2015)

Chief : Manika Sharma

Kalpvriksh is a magical, moving also an precisely amusing chronicle of five kids inside a hill-station wherever inside India…

Categories : Drama, Fantasy

Zone : India

Runtime(Theater) : 90 min | India:120 min more...

Worms (2013)

Chief : no info found

When Junior, an overprotected preteen worm, is by chance mentioned to the surface, he must countenance a precarious trip accommodate home, jiffy studying the enormous powers of self-respect, accept as true with furthermore correct friendship.

Categories : Animation, Adventure, Family, Fantasy

Zone : Brazil

Runtime(Theater) : 80 min more...

Damned on Earth (2014)

Chief : Ralf Kemper

The normal Hell official Amon is allotted plus a weird ordeal by Luzifer: Together plus the chaotic…

Categories : Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

Zone : Germany

Runtime(Theater) : 90 min more...

Infinity & Chashu Ramen (2013)

Chief : Kerwin Berk

Two spirits link the lives of dozens of people of San Francisco's Japantown since well-advised completed a production of six interwoven vignettes.

Categories : Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Zone : USA

Runtime(Theater) : 85 min | 83 min more...

Madhuram (2014)

Chief : Phanindra Narsetti

Excellent.I capable on no account acknowledged this kind of film.madhuram is exceptionally enough phrase to this this…

Categories : Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Zone : India

Runtime(Theater) : 63 min more...

Gentlemen Explorers (2013)

Chief : Matt Snead

The primarily live act Steampunk show of it's kind, Gentlemen Explorers is compilation inside 1893. Marcus O'Riley…

Categories : Fantasy

Zone : USA

Runtime(Theater) : 91 min more...

Aemorraghe (2014)

Chief : Patrick Devaney

Trapped inside a universe where emotions are the finish lot save for outlawed, only standard citizen endeavors to think beauty, emotion…

Categories : Short, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Zone : USA

Runtime(Theater) : 34 min more...

Boondocks (2013)

Chief : Pablo Teoco

The picture centers on a mongrel put plus animals concocted plus a Filipino aged folks' narrative with aspects to a tree mentioned to engagement a origin of evil. Conflicts draw nearer in the hub of masses who discern the secret. It carries a subliminal lesson of background plus plants protection.

Categories : Adventure, Fantasy, Thriller

Zone : USA | Philippines

Runtime(Theater) : 63 min more...