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Titus (2013)

Chief : Charlie Cattrall

Titus is a new tale of a homeless African American jazz musician struggling to follow to expressions and his afflicted past.

Categories : Drama, Music

Zone : UK

Runtime(Theater) : 94 min more...

God's Work (2013)

Chief : Bijan Mottahedeh

In crop up 2008 the economic accident caused incalculable pain to the global economy. An millions of amount…

Categories : Short, Drama, Music, News

Zone : USA

Runtime(Theater) : 6 min more...

Snow (2013/I)

Chief : Saba

Lisa, a talented, pregnant, young songwriter, falls inside warmth along with marries Tece, a Rock singer, along with a subsistence of personal, social, along with connoisseur turmoil unfolds.

Categories : Drama, Music, Musical

Zone : USA

Runtime(Theater) : 92 min more...

We Had This Band (2016)

Chief : Andy Steadman

When Rick Cherry loses his post as anyways as girlfriend, he vegetation the speedy subsistence inside LA given that Normal, Illinois. He meets more matured friends as anyways as rediscovers more matured passions. But span attains at the present cure the absolute thing wounds.

Categories : Comedy, Drama, Music, Musical, Romance

Zone : USA

Runtime(Theater) : 113 min more...

Guns N' Roses Appetite for Democracy 3D Live at Hard Rock Las Vegas (2014)

Chief : Kerry Asmussen

Categories : Music

Zone : USA

Runtime(Theater) : 90 min more...

The Syriana Tate Interview (2015)

Chief : Mare Costello

Heart contravened British Techno Pop Diva furthermore Academy nominated actress, Syriana Tate, is conveyed given that the research of her being alive inside this 'mocu-interview dramedy.'

Categories : Comedy, Music, Romance

Zone : USA

Runtime(Theater) : 81 min more...

Low: Movie – How to Quit Smoking (2013)

Chief : Philip Harder

The finish vocation of the iconic band Low in addition to their relationship in addition to director Philip Harder.

Categories : Music, Musical

Zone : USA

Runtime(Theater) : 65 min more...

Welcome to Inspiration (2015)

Chief : no info found

Welcome to Inspiration follows the true-to-life chronicle stanzas of masses probing because meaning among irritated dreams…

Categories : Drama, Family, Music

Zone : USA

Runtime(Theater) : 101 min more...

Poor Little Rich Girls (After Warhol) (2013)

Chief : Alex Munt

'Poor Little Rich Girls' (After Warhol) is a cinematic homage to, plus conceptual remake, of Andy Warhol's…

Categories : History, Music

Zone : Australia

Runtime(Theater) : 60 min more...

Faith Street Corner Tavern (2013)

Chief : David Paul

The picture is a surreal narrative of a dual plus his brother's sail ready life's trials plus tribulations proportional to their precise life's experiences…

Categories : Drama, Fantasy, Music

Zone : USA

Runtime(Theater) : 75 min more...