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Exposed (2012/I)

Director : Burke Heffner, Shashi Balooja
You’re ambitious along with yearn to engagement a performer inside the New York City opinionated arena. Be vigilant whatsoever you desire for.
Genres : Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Shashi Balooja, Michelle Glick, Josh Heine, Gregory Wooddell, Opal Alladin, Will Janowitz, Tom Wiggin, Charlotte Maier, Irene Alexandra, Jason Bond, Kevin Carrigan, Peter Conboy, Carlyn Paschall
Company : Media at Large
Country : USA | more...

Painless (2012)

Director : Juan Carlos Medina
Set inside Catalonia, Painless weaves two stories: inside one, beginning at miscelanneous the rostrum in the Spanish Civil War with surging ended to the ’60s…
Genres : Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Irene Montalà, Derek de Lint, Àlex Brendemühl, Félix Gómez, Tómas Lemarquis, Juan Diego, Richard Felix, Bea Segura, Sílvia Bel, Lluís Soler, Liah O’Prey, Ramon Fontserè, Francesca Piñón, Anna Alarcón, Joan Carreras, Àngels more...

Videotape (2013)

Director :
A youthful woman, pregnant, is accounted insensitive inside a warehouse materializing a local college. She seems to taste fanatical suicide…
Genres : Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Andrew Yorke, Allison Varley, Kevin Michael, Daniel Thomas Phipps, Ty Gibson, Sam Maclin, Nathan Withers, Katie Samples, Alan Cheng, Wesley Johnston, Kyle Tunnell, Lochlann McGee, Alix Jade Martin, Meredith Greer, Justin Dean
Company : Xteamartists
Country : USA

Whispers (2013/I)

Director : Tammi Sutton
Sometimes the system to convalescence may perhaps usher to spots darker than you would eternally imagine.
Genres : Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Keeley Hazell, Craig Rees, Barbara Nedeljakova, Diane Ayala Goldner, Phil Bloomberg, Ramon Estevez, Tracy Buckley, Leyla Gellan
Company : Tower bridge productions
Country : UK more...

Doonby (2012)

Director : Peter M. Mackenzie
A handsome drifter, without a past, gets off an throughway bus inside a miniature Texas town with finds activity at Leroy’s Country Blues Bar….and the brainteaser begins.
Genres :
Drama, Mystery
Release Date : 2012
Cast : John Schneider, Ernie Hudson, Jenn Gotzon, Robert Davi, Joe Estevez, Jennifer O’Neill, Will Wallace, Erin Way, Brandi Blevins, Cassandra L. Small, Jeff Fenter, Jolyn Janis, Tom Lagleder, Liz Waters, Matthew Tompkins, Pierre Kennel, Thomas Joel more...

Betrayal (2012/I)

Director : Jack Topalian
Vazgen “Vaz” Aramyan, an ex-Mobster rotated businessman, is tempted do somebody a satisfactory turn into his times of yore life, as soon as his…
Genres : Action, Adventure, Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Jack Topalian, Eric Roberts, Oleg Taktarov, Scott L. Schwartz, Ric Young, Vaz Andreas, Marco Khan, Anya Avaeva, Roman Mitichyan, Gev Khal, Levon Sharafyan, Anahid Shahrik, Jessica Tomé, Nic D’Avirro, Siana Kay, Aleksandr Khachatryan, more...

Death (2012)

Director : Martin Gooch
Following the abruptly kicking of the bucket of their end surviving parent – their Dad, two brothers also two sisters come again to the cast house behind legion existence to facial features each other, facial features the entire story also facial features the future. But what on earth do they get hold of of the past?
Genres : Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Release Date : 2012
Cast : David Acton, Elizabeth Austin, Genevieve Berkeley-Steele, Emily Booth, Brooke Burfitt, Amy Comper, more...

Perception (2012/II)

Director : Stan Harrington
A mature person begins to sample his sanity whilst the words between authenticity along with his head kick off to blur.
Genres : Mystery
Release Date : 2012
Cast : R.D. Call, Stan Harrington, Kely McClung, Blythe Metz, Amanda Dreschler, Ciera Parrack, Robert Pralgo, Tim Lane, Douglas Bennett, Alondra Alvarez, Stephan Bosch, Amanda Ashley Canty, Victoria Cardozo, Tristan Coe, John Ralston Craig, Dany David, Tiedora Degrigo, Kelly Elizabeth
Company : Xristos Productions

Tied in Blood (2012)

Director : Matthew Lawrence
George, encouraged a ghost wiped out his family, hires Robert, a talented Medium discouraged by his job. As the insensitive come again to inform of disturbing seduction, demonic rage, along with vicious murder, Robert discovers a terror further authentic than any ghost story.
Genres : Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Paul McEwan, Kenneth G. Hodgson, Laura O’Donoughue, Chris Leach, Denise Cooke, Amie Morris, Christopher Havard, Anthony Watt, Alan more...

Bad Blood… the Hunger (2012)

Director : Conrad Janis
Bad Blood…The Hunger! For more than a few College Students began a summer of sun along with enjoyment interpret that their…
Genres : Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Piper Laurie, Conrad Janis, Rachelle Wood, Sofia Karstens, Sita Young, Bret Anthony, Ashley Gorrell, Chuck Hittinger, Jilon VanOver, Steven Christopher Parker, Cori Bright, Maika Monroe, Alfonso Freeman, Matthew Ashford, Katrina Cook, Maria Grimm, Karl Held, Dan Horton, David Thomas Jenkins, more...