Garbage (2012)

Director : Phil Volken
Two junk truck drivers inside Hollywood grow to be figures overnight following they reckon Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Best Supporting Actor Oscar given that “Jerry Maguire” with swiftly their lives set off topsy-turvy.
Genres : Comedy, Drama
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Michael Madsen, Daryl Hannah, Alanna Ubach, Steven Bauer, William Baldwin, Serena Lorien, Michael Beardsley, Jed Rees, Sno E. Blac, Mathew Botuchis, Bree Condon, Shandi Finnessey, Anya Avaeva, Tim Colceri, Christian Cage, Shaun Gerardo, Michael Joseph Carr, Anthony Alabi, Dylan Osean
Company : Filmmuse Productions
Country : USA
Run Time : USA:88 min