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Hum Dono (1985)

nopicture Hum Dono (1985)Director : B.S. Glaad

Release Date : 1985

Genre : Comedy, Family, Musical, Romance

Cast : Rajesh Khanna as Raja / Dr. Shekhar, Hema Malini as Lata, Reena Roy as Rani, Johnny Walker as Michael (as Johny Walker), Jagdeep as Nursing Home Boy, Mukri as Popley, Mohan Choti as Suit Store Boy, Om Shivpuri as Black Bird Boss, Roopesh Kumar as Jimmy, Keshto Mukherjee as Shankar (as Late Keshto Mukherjee), Asit Sen as Guard, Shubha Khote as Nawab's Wife, Birbal as Card Player who lent Raja 200 rupees, Dinesh Hingoo as Rustom, Piloo J. Wadia as Mrs. Piloo (as Piloo Wadia), Jugnu, Johnny Whisky as Fair Organiser (as Johny Whisky), Viju Khote as Popley's Son, Ravindra Kapoor as Dr. Kapoor, Madhu Malini as Sapna, Leena Das (as Leena Dass), Sujata Bakshi (as Sujata), Iftekhar as Seth. Mathura Das, Ram Mohan as Suri, Shashi Kiran as Card Player who lent Raja 400 rupees, Bhushan Tiwari as Girdhari, Sudha Shivpuri as Parvati, Prem Kumar, Dhruv Kumar, Shammi as Mrs. Mathura Das, Sudhir, Prem Nath as Lata's Father

Plot : Raja (Khanna) discovers that his facial expression is just like that of Dr. Shekhar, one amongst the overshadow gaining medical examiners of Bombay. He by hook or by crook manages to get his place, nevertheless discovers that still Dr. Shekhar has crises of his own.

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Country : India

Company : Happy Films