Hysterical (1983)

Director : Chris Bearde

Release Date : 1983

Genre : Comedy, Horror

Cast : Bill Hudson as Frederic Lansing / Casper, Mark Hudson as Dr. Paul Batton, Brett Hudson as Fritz, Cindy Pickett as Kate, Richard Kiel as Captain Howdy, Julie Newmar as Venetia, Robert Donner as Ralph, Murray Hamilton as Mayor, Clint Walker as Sheriff, Franklyn Ajaye as Leroy, Charlie Callas as Dracula Amanda H. Bearde as Teenage Girl, Pamela Bowman as New York Model #2, Robert Alan Browne as New York Press Man, Sue Casey as Bookstore Society Lady #2, Gene Castle as Lead Zombie Dancer, Kathy Cherry as Sexy Girl, Dick Chudnow as Looney, Pat Colbert as Hooker #1, Natalie Core as Bookstore Society Lady #1, Bud Cort as Dr. John, Janeen Damian as Zombie Dancer, John Diehl as Taxi Driver, Mary Ellen Flaherty as Bookstore Society Lady #4, John Larroquette as Bob X. Cursion, Helena Mäkelä as Nurse, Gary Owens as TV Announcer (voice), Indy Shriner as Hooker #2, Maurice Sneed as Looney, JoAnn Willette as Bookstore Society Lady #3, Keenan Wynn as Fisherman, Anne Gaybis as Waitress

Plot : A burned out person behind retreats to a northwest town talked to Hellview to note the large American novel. Unfortunately since him…

Run Time : 87 min

Country : USA

Company :