Miracles (1986)

Director : Jim Kouf

Release Date : 1986

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Tom Conti as Roger, Teri Garr as Jean, Paul Rodriguez as Juan, Christopher Lloyd as Harry, Adalberto Martínez as Kayum – The Witchdoctor, Jorge Russek as The Judge, Jorge Reynoso as K'in, Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez as K'in's Wife, Erika Faraon as K'in's Daughter, Paco Morayta as Sergeant Gomez, Ken Lerner as Stuart, Charles Rocket as Michael, Shelby Leverington as Mother in Hospital, Mae E. Campbell as Nurse #1, Susan Wheeler Duff as Nurse #2, Barbara Whinnery as The Hooker, Squire Fridell as Yates, Ken Hixon as The Missionary, René Pereyra as Tito, Víctor Alcocer as Bartender (as Víctor Alcocer Gómez), Guillermo Ríos as Paco, Tina Romero as Juanita, Margarita Sanz as Carol, Roger Cudney as Captain Irvine, Joseph Whipp as L.A. Cop #1, Chris Hendrie as L.A. Cop #2, Leopoldo Francés as L.A. Cop #3, Bob Nelson as Sergeant Lewis, Eduardo Lugo as Old Bum, Alejandro Bracho as Bank Robber #1, Carlos Vendrell as Bank Robber #2, Douglas Sandoval as Donkeyman, José Chávez as Mexican Policeman, Marie Butler as Interpreter, Miguel Ángel Fuentes as Village Man #1, Carlos Gonzales as Village Man #2, Roberto Sosa as Little Boy, Andaluz Russell as Peasant Woman, Gerardo Albarrán as Peasant Man (as Gerardo Moreno), Mario Arreola as Man Hit by Rock, Rodolfo De Alexandre as Peasant Translator John Macchia as Martin, John Sabol as Police Officer

Plot : Roger with Jean find out the firm trait that whilst you are signified to troth together, zilch may possibly carry you apart…

Run Time : 87 min

Country : Hong Kong | USA

Company :