The Change-Up (2011)

Director : David Dobkin

Release Date : 2011

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Ryan Reynolds as Mitch Planko, Jason Bateman as Dave Lockwood, Leslie Mann as Jamie Lockwood, Olivia Wilde as Sabrina McArdle, Alan Arkin as Mitch's Dad, Mircea Monroe as Tatiana, Gregory Itzin as Flemming Steel, Ned Schmidtke as Ted Norton, Ming Lo as Ken Kinkabe, Sydney Rouviere as Cara Lockwood, Dax Griffin as Blow-Dried Goon, Andrea Moore as Sophia, Matt Cornwell as Parks Foreman (as Matthew Cornwell), Craig Bierko as Valtan, Taaffe O'Connell as Mona, Fred Stoller as Movie Set PA, Faith Alhadeff as Nicolette Peters, Luke Bain as Peter Lockwood, Lauren Bain as Sarah Lockwood, Jamie Renell as Lawyer, Kenny Alfonso as Businessman at Sonsie Café, Joe Knezevich as Amalgamated Exec, TJ Hassan as Kinkabe Lawyer, Matthew Stanton as PA, Gabe Wood as Neighbor, Cooper Gore as Neighbor's Kid, Ed Ackerman as Victor, Jeanine Jackson as Carla Nelson, Vickie Eng as Erin Walsh, Amber Seyer as Beautiful Woman, Anna Colwell as Cute Girl in Elevator, Steven Dean Davis as Tattoo Artist, Suzanne Arkin as Pamela, Patricia French as Dave's Secretary, Jeanette Miller as Grandma Taylor, Greg Savage as Construction Worker, Adam Boyer as Tattoo Artist, Matthew Rimmer as Tattoo Artist, Bailey Anne Borders as Babysitter, Ken DeLozier as Minister, Anton Mertens as Amalgamated Attorney, Paul Barlow Jr. as Amalgamated Attorney, Anthony G Breed as Amalgamated Attorney (as Anthony Breed), Gary Babiarz as Amalgamated Attorney, Jeremy Lippman as Construction Worker, Dimitrius Pulido as Greased-Up Lorno Guy, Clay Chamberlin as Boom Operator, Blake Goza as First AD, Ryter Shay Cannon as Tommy, Arin Logan as Sexy Girl in Bar, Martha B. Knighton as Old Lady (as Martha Bird Knighton), Lindsey Blackwell as Little Girl, Michael Beasley as Security Guard, Clay Edmond Kraski as Security Guard, Lindsey Walden as Photo Double Andrew R. Kaplan as Amalgamated :Lawyer, Clay Kraski as Security Guard, Miles Mussenden as Attorney, William Palmer Jr. as Attorney, Joel Rogers as Businessman, Nadej k Bailey as Student, Lisa M. Barfield as Recital Parent, Peter den Boer as Amalgamated Lawyer, Frances Cobb as Mall Shopper, Orlando Vargas Diaz as Attorney, Derek Ryan Duke as Extra, Tatum Etheridge as Firefly principal, Bradford Haynes as Dad, Patterson Lundquist as Waiter, Todd Maynor as Recital Parent, Tabatha Minchew as Braves Fan, Anna Rappaport as Firefly Girl, Steven Reddington as Parks Dept. Employee, Timothy J. Richardson as Lorno Grip, Joshua Tanksley as Valet, Gloria Webber as Business Woman

Plot : Dave is a matrimonial grown grown woman in addition to two young people plus a loving helpmate, plus Mitch is a unused grown grown woman who is at the disposition of his sexual life. One fateful midnight jiffy Mitch plus Dave are peeing inside a fountain as soon as lightning thumps plus they changed bodies.

Run Time : USA:112 min

Country : USA

Company : Big Kid Pictures