James Joyce's Women (1985)

Director : Michael Pearce

Release Date : 1985

Genre : Drama

Cast : Fionnula Flanagan as Harriet Shaw Weaver, Chris O'Neill as James Joyce, James E. O'Grady as The Interviewer, Tony Lyons as Leopold Bloom, Paddy Dawson as Stannie Joyce, Martin Dempsey as Joyce's father, Gerald Fitzmahony as The Dublin Gossips, Joseph Taylor as Dubliner, Rebecca Wilkinson as Two Washerwoman, Gladys Sheehan as Two Washerwomen, Gabrielle Keenan as Cissy Caffrey, Michele O'Connor as Edy Boardman, Zoe Blackmore, Terry Flanagan, Brian Dunne, Rosanna Flanagan, Thomas Kitt, Morgan Blackmore Timothy E. O'Grady as The interviewer

Plot : In this tribute to James Joyce, Fionnula Flanagan bequeaths a tour-de-force action since a half-dozen or consequently grown-ups inside Joyce's actual as at any rate as absent worlds…

Run Time : 88 min

Country : USA

Company :